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JULY 2018

Join us for this hands-on day for Years 11 and 12 students. Hosted at UTS, build your own UTS timetable and experience UTS. The 2018 program will be available in June.


See the workshops below for what was available at the 2017 event.

Welcome Session

Join us in the Great Hall for the morning welcome presentation. Meet our team and get the low down on the day ahead. It’s optional (but recommended!).

Physics: Green Power

Climate change and global warming are hot topics. Put on your green hat and think about alternative energy sources to power our daily lives using science, physics, nanotechnology and material science.

Global Studies: Solving Global Problems

Take a seat at the negotiating table to debate Africa’s biggest hydroelectric project – a development initiative with significant cross-border environmental impacts. Prepare arguments and challenge governments, citizens groups and environmental organisations with the...

Civil Engineering: Shake it up

Learn more about engineering techniques as we investigate the smart materials and simple solutions used to provide stability to structures in the event of extreme events and that save lives in the process.

Programming robots

Experience robotics first-hand and get an introduction into how algorithms and sensors are crucial to helping robots mimic behaviours we take for granted in our world.

Microbiology: All the Small Things

Put the exciting world of microbiology under the microscope as you get to conduct experiments on bacteria and experience what it is like to be a hospital scientist and a food safety scientist

Midwifery: Catching Babies

Enter our clinicial labs and experience the life of a midwife and learn how they provide care to pregnant women and their families.

Electronic Engineering

Smart electronics can be used to manage water in our environment. In this activity, an electronic soil moisture probe, which detects the absence of moisture in the soil, is constructed using modern electronics. The soil moisture probe sounds an alarm and flashes a light when the soil needs watering.

Mathematics: Creativity Counts

Contrary to popular belief, creativity and mathematics are very much linked. Experience first-hand how simple mathematics can be used to great effect when creatively applied. No textbooks, all brains!

Engineering the Body

Explore a case study from the Vietnam War and learn about prosthetic limbs. Out of basic materials, creatively build an arm to complete basic tasks, such as a high five, picking up and throwing an object. Uses creative thinking and engineering design to address a social problem.

Games Development: Game On

Ever wanted to turn your great ideas into a reality? Game On is your chance to create your own computer game. Make up your own rules and add you own design touches. Once complete you’ll get to share your game with your friends online.

In the Clouds

Ever thought about how an app is developed from paper to device? In the Clouds allows you to put on your entrepreneurial hat and devise a theoretical new app.

Justice is Served! Mock Trial

Experience what it feels like to appear in court by role-playing in a mock trial. Learn about legal issues, rebut your opponents’ arguments, and put your legal arguments to the test!

Physiology: Test yourself

Discover the types of medical devices frequently used in clinical and research contexts. Measure your own blood pressure, brain activity and heart rate, and see how these can change with simple activities

Education: Teaching Techniques

Get involved in an introduction to teaching. Experience what it would be like to teach a PDHPE class. You’ll get the opportunity to get active, create lesson plans, and learn some teaching techniques.

Forensic Science: Whodunnit?

Learn forensic techniques used by forensic scientists to collect fingerprints, compare paint chips and fibres, examine gunshot residue and much more.

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